Logan Schirmerre

February 2003

Logan Schirmerre

Another Brownie Netted

Richard Wakelin 

8 1/5 lb, 1 March 2003

Tom McCartney 

8 1/2 lb, Dec 2002

Winter Guiding

July 2002 North Island

Mel and Cheryl Edwards 
Chappie casting
Catch and release

Tim Wood from Christchurch. Early season 5 pounder.

Secret spot
Good way to see the country side with Christchurch Helicopters
Just another busy work day!!
Mike & Gina Green, and the yours truly just about to set off
Scott Ohman 13 pound Rainbow yeeeha..
Steve Lambert got a run for his money with this one.
Bart Bromley's 6.5 pounder Brownie
Tony Czura, Yep the smile says it all..
His wife Dottie Prudhomme's 10 pounder
Don't let him get away Jerry Wood



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